About & Contact

You can contact me via email: jfeathersmith at featherforge dot com.

This site

This (mostly) is a project notebook, subject to being extremely wordy or full of to-do lists.


I have a masters degree in architecture from the University of Colorado Denver, and a life long interest in making things from stuff. Materials I don’t have to go out and buy are my favorite; I like being able to improvise solutions with whatever happens to be on hand – buying things takes half the fun out of the solution, but I am still a sucker for shiny new glass or stone beads.

I started bending wire into interesting shapes because I like ear cuffs, and wanted to see if an idea I had half-formed in my head would actually work. This simple experiment opened up a HUGE world of creative possibilities having to do with bending wire into interesting shapes.

My jewelry

I work primarily with brass and stainless steel, but occasionally make pieces with sterling silver and copper. The beads are mostly Czech glass or semi-precious stones. Or, to summarize, I prefer to not work with plastics, including coated wire; one of the reasons I like stainless steel is that it is a shiny silver color, but it won’t tarnish!

Items currently for sale are listed on Etsy. I really enjoy doing one-of-a-kind projects, so I am very interested in custom orders and commissions! I can customize items listed on Etsy, or come up with a new design. This jewelry set on Flickr shows a wider range of items I have made.

Other things

I have some things up on the following sites, too: