A different kind of project

If you’ve been stalking me elsewhere, this won’t be news, but all of my project time for the last month or so has gone into getting Artisan’s Asylum up and running. I predict this will remain the case for the near future, too.

I did the design for the website (CSS, OMG you seem so simple at first BUT NO) – which got me toying with the idea of creating actual entire themes for my own blogs, but . . . well, why? – have helped out with space planning (Revit, whee!), and even committed Art in the name of painting the walls.

I should upload a picture of that.

Anyway. It has consumed most of my available thinking and doing stuff time. And it has been fun! And it will be even more awesome when all the preliminary setup is done! But I would like to get back to those abandoned piles of lovely stone beads, and my order of wire from McMaster.

And the garden. Oh dear, the garden. It’s looking a bit jungle-like out there, and the tomatoes need supports built.

And because I have nothing else going on in July (HA. HA.), I signed up for a clothing making class – Form-Fitting Clothing Design – so that will be fun! I’ve been looking for an excuse to make a dress dummy for some time. And get shirts that fit me right!