Feather Forge Prints

Feather Forge Prints is the digital art division of the Feather Forge. The best email contact is: prints AT featherforge DOT com.

Current Designs

Raven Heart

Cake & Robots

Anti-Surveillance Eagle

Available At

Printfection – Feather Forge Prints – shirts, mugs, and the occasional laptop sleeve

Red Bubble – shirts and awesome stickers

Zazzle – Feather Forge Prints – shirts, mugs, postcards

Cafe Press – Feather Forge Prints – shirts and mugs

For more about the Anti-Surveillance Eagle, please read the Anti-Gorgon Alliance page.

50% of what I get from sales in the Anti-Gorgon Alliance section (from any site) will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to support their efforts to protect our civil rights in the digital age.

Privacy is an American value, it is vital for a functioning democracy, and the Anti-Gorgon Alliance is dedicated to supporting that.

In addition, you can download the art for the anti-surveillance eagle, for free. It’s a zip file with a whole bunch of different file formats. Share and enjoy!