Mitsuro jewelry

I learned about mitsuro earlier today, browsing the jewelry section of the website of the man scheduled to teach a workshop on contact juggling at StrowlerCon. (CONTACT JUGGLING OMG. ahem)

It’s a technique that uses wax to form a piece, but instead of carving the wax, you warm and stretch and pull it and.


Wow, does he make some amazing work using that technique.  I love the organic look, and I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, because I could hardly stop staring at any of them long enough to click “next.”


2 thoughts on “Mitsuro jewelry

  1. Wow, that’s what I call praise. I rarely get a “wow” and an “omg” in the same thread. ;-)

    My panel’s at 4pm on Saturday (despite how the StrowlerCon schedule currently reads). If you’re interested, I’d love to sit down with you (and any other awesome MA-area makers) afterwards to talk artistic madness, metalworking geekery, life in the circus and anything else that tickles your fancy.

    Cheers from Dallas,

    P.S. – My contact information is on both and

  2. Hi, Russ!

    That sounds great – I have been assured by the Powers That Be that I will be released from the Maker Showcase at least long enough to get some contact juggling in.

    I’m looking forward to it!