Origami Easter

Despite having prettier kleenex boxes around this year (same pattern as last, but blue or pink or purple), I decided not to repeat last year’s Easter basket. I went for origami as the easiest way to make a container to hold tasty chocolate treats.

Easter basket with butterfly and chick

I used this basket pattern, plus the baby chicken and butterfly patterns from Kunihiko Kasahara’s Creative Origami (the book I learned origami from, many years ago), to make the origami pieces. The paper for the baskets came from my endless supply of gently used wrapping paper; the paper for the chick and butterfly came from my supply of actual origami paper, which remains a surprisingly consistent size over the years.

I filled the baskets with crumpled tissue paper and a variety of foil-wrapped eggs. The blue tissue bundles hold malted eggs, and ended up forming part of the support for the butterflies.

Origami Easter basket with butterfly and chick

I used the tissue bundles to support the butterflies, by pushing one end of a flat toothpick into the twist of the bundle, and the other end into the folds of the butterfly’s body (no puncturing of paper necessary; the folds are tight enough to hold the toothpick, as long as you don’t jostle the arrangement!).

I didn’t plan this out carefully in advance; I started with “I’ll make baskets with an origami fold and tissue paper fill.” Then I thought it needed something more interesting to decorate it with because I didn’t buy any little toys, and chicks are traditional (that is the 2nd fold I ever memorized) . . . and a butterfly would be a nice touch and oh hey I bet if I stuck a toothpick into the folds of the butterfly I could prop it up better instead of just setting it on top of everything, and from the right angle it’ll look like it’s flying! Hey, look, those tissue bundles might come in handy.

I also thought about making an origami flower, but I didn’t like the look of any of the folds. So the butterfly is going to have to find another place to get breakfast.


Because Easter has the best candy

I figured I could justify buying some for myself if I also bought some for other people. And then I thought it would be more fun to actually make up little Easter baskets to put it in. But of course I didn’t want to buy some small, cheap basket that wouldn’t be worth the dollar-fifty, so I had to come up with another solution.

I could fold basket shapes out of newspaper.

Or . . . I could make use of the empty kleenex boxes that are almost always around (the household goes through a LOT of kleenex. Sorry – Kleenex).

Oh! And I could cut the edges down into grass shapes! And trim around the flowers printed on the sides!

So I did, and apparently they were a hit. One of the recipients encouraged me – repeatedly; one could say he egged me on, if one were inclined to make that sort of pun, which I am not, you’re welcome – to write it up as an Instructable, no really, he thought it was quite clever, and it could be just one photo and a couple lines of text, how quick and easy would that be!

Well. See for yourself.

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I am actually quite pleased with them myself, but it -is- more than one step! My only regret? That I didn’t buy more chocolate eggs. But by some strange coincidence, tomorrow is the day after Easter, so there should be some good sales. And since I’ve been planning to hit post-Easter sales for cheap moving toys (glee! I can make Porkchop a friend!), well, I might as well take a minor side trip to the candy aisle.