Wire wrapping feathers at Instructables

I figured out how to make the Instructables process less painful: I discovered and set up the automagic import-pictures-from-Flickr thing. That was nice!

So: Method 1

And: Method 2

Check those out if you would rather read them there (or download them as PDFs!) than in my really long post.

Also – very exciting! – they are currently “Featured” projects on Instructables’ front page.

I’ve thought about trying to videotape the process, too. As if I have the time to mess around with that; I just know I’d get sucked into all sorts of fancy video-editing things, but it might make things more understandable than flipping back and forth between pictures and text.


Because Easter has the best candy

I figured I could justify buying some for myself if I also bought some for other people. And then I thought it would be more fun to actually make up little Easter baskets to put it in. But of course I didn’t want to buy some small, cheap basket that wouldn’t be worth the dollar-fifty, so I had to come up with another solution.

I could fold basket shapes out of newspaper.

Or . . . I could make use of the empty kleenex boxes that are almost always around (the household goes through a LOT of kleenex. Sorry – Kleenex).

Oh! And I could cut the edges down into grass shapes! And trim around the flowers printed on the sides!

So I did, and apparently they were a hit. One of the recipients encouraged me – repeatedly; one could say he egged me on, if one were inclined to make that sort of pun, which I am not, you’re welcome – to write it up as an Instructable, no really, he thought it was quite clever, and it could be just one photo and a couple lines of text, how quick and easy would that be!

Well. See for yourself.

Make an Easter basket from materials found in the recycle binMore DIY How To Projects

I am actually quite pleased with them myself, but it -is- more than one step! My only regret? That I didn’t buy more chocolate eggs. But by some strange coincidence, tomorrow is the day after Easter, so there should be some good sales. And since I’ve been planning to hit post-Easter sales for cheap moving toys (glee! I can make Porkchop a friend!), well, I might as well take a minor side trip to the candy aisle.