Automata resources

Way back in September, I jotted these down with the intent to store them somewhere more useful, because the instant I started seriously thinking about making wooden automata, I knew that I must make some. (And I am – finally! having finished some other, more time-sensitive projects – in the very early stages of doing so now, using the pattern in Peppe’s Automata and Mechanical Toys.)

Rodney Peppe – Automata and Mechanical Toys – has lovely color photos of a variety of automata by different people, and plans and instructions for building a basic kit of mechanisms.

Frost’s Whacky Toys aka Making Mad Toys

Raymond Levy – Making Mechanical Marvels in Wood.

A book on BEAMbots, which sound like robotics I could get into.

Other Resources
Automata resources at Dug North.

Dug North list of useful books

A nice page of mechanisms.