The purposes of this blog

To document, for myself, my processes, so that in the future I can read about what I was thinking and doing. And to keep track of my to-do list, because having it in pieces in half a dozen notebooks is not useful.

To share my techniques and methods and such, as I have enjoyed reading about others’ techniques and methods. Having a community in which to discuss projects is a good thing; who knows if this blog will ever develop into that sort of thing, but at least I can go comment on other crafty/makery blogs and maybe people there will come and talk to me and etc.

To show off a little.

To guilt me into actually working on all the things I keep telling myself I will work on, because I know it is sad to turn to an interesting blog and find that it hasn’t updated in ages, and therefore the thought of my hypothetical audience being deprived will spur me to go -do something- so that I can blog about it.

And I needed another project.

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