Picture hangers – the exciting anticlimax!

Or perhaps the actual climax, as everything after this is just repeating what’s been done already, only better.

It works! The prototype works!!!


Hanger on a shelf, under some magazines:

Hanger being used; cute picture of birds covering boring magazines:

The prototype all by its lonesome:

I used the small sheet metal brake to do the bending; it worked wonderfully. Very fast, very easy; I was done before the other folks around me had any idea I’d done anything at all (okay, they were in another room, they couldn’t see me, but I was wandering around flipping through books for several minutes before they realized I was done with the hanger).

So. The concept works. It needs a little bit of refinement: more length along the longest unbent section; it only just barely fit over the shelf. It could also use a little more room in the vertical section of the over-the-shelf hook on the back; I don’t want to end up messing up the shelf by scraping the shelf up. And I need to get the bend at the very end closer to parallel, so that pictures will hang level.


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