What’s been keeping me busy

Work has been fairly busy, but mostly it’s been this.

Well, not the website, the spaces that the website talks about.

I’ve been helping get the spaces ready for use; painting and cleaning and moving furniture and lots of meetings. So there have gone many of my evenings and weekends for the last 2-3 weeks.

But tonight we’re having an Open Hack session, and tomorrow (because it is the first Friday of the month) is an Open House, which hopefully will have some non-members at it who will love it and become members.

We still have a lot of work to do, especially in the large fabrication space, and there are various smaller tasks left in the Hackerspace and the Model Shop, but those two spaces are ready for use, now that they are all cleaned and painted and organized.

I’m really excited. Not so much about the Hackerspace (though it looks GREAT), because my knowledge of electronics is next to nothing, but the Model Shop. (And when it is ready, the Fab shop.) I’ve missed the shop I had access to at school, and while this isn’t quite as well equipped – yet! – it is pretty close, plus there are tools we did NOT have at school, which I am especially keen to learn about and start using.


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