How to make a Borg faerie

At long last, I took some pictures of the costume components. I haven’t been able to track down my stunt double to get photos of someone wearing it all (and haven’t gotten the photos taken at Arisia yet, either), but this is more or less how it all looked when put together:

Green dress + black Borg parts + Borg parrot

The various pieces:

Feather ears and false eyelashes

The eyelashes were purchased at Boston Costume, which also had false eyelashes made from real feathers, but they were brown, and not quite as immensely long and swoopy. Moving on:

Borg torso piece

I reused parts of last year’s Borg pirate. Here you can see that the structure of this piece is cardboard from a cereal box (or maybe that’s an oatmeal box; I used a variety). You can also see that it won’t hang straight down, on account of having hardly any material on the right side. Oh, gravity, why must you ruin my pictures?? Next:

Shiny green prom dress

This came from the Garment District during one of their wonderful “50% off everything” sales. I would totally have paid the full $16 for it! I don’t have many excuses to wear it, but fortunately I came up with the idea to combine it with the Borg pieces. Now I need more ideas. But that’s not all:

Green half-shirt over black turtleneck

I had to wear a black turtleneck for the Borg part, but I didn’t want my right arm all black, and I like that turtleneck a lot so I didn’t want to cut it up. I went hunting for a cheap source of appropriate green material, and found a nice little green skirt in a thrift store which got turned it into just enough shirt to cover my right arm and chest. I left the rip there intentionally; being partially assimilated can leave a mark, you know!

Shirt layered under dress, with Borg part over everything

The main parts of the costume layered properly. I then added a Borg piece to my upper arm, plus Frankie, plus a black glove. I didn’t worry about my shoes, because the dress is so long (I did wear my favorite black boots, which are more Borgish than Faerieish). Maybe some day I will get some real photos, showing all the pieces together. I haven’t actually seen them myself.

The story I gave people about my costume was that the Borg tried to assimilate Faery, but their technology had a difficult time coping with a magic-based world, and so they weren’t very successful. (This gave me cover for not wearing a Borg eyepiece or other head covering; I tested out the look of wearing last year’s eye piece with the costume, and didn’t like it. Also rejected: wearing the feather headpiece from many years ago. The faerie effect was best with my hair all down, with just the feather ears and eyelashes, and some gold lipstick.)